B i o g r a p h y
 (by Kenyon Hopkin)

Named after an Irish goblin, Pooka (guitarists/vocalists Sharon Lewis and Natasha Jones) is most noted for their intertwining harmonies and fairy tale-like lyrics. Born in Manchester in 1971, Lewis and Jones began playing gigs in London and were soon spotted by someone from WEA records, resulting in a contract. In the U.S., Pooka's self-titled debut (produced by the renowned John Coxon) was released in 1993 on Elektra. Tours with Tindersticks, Kristin Hersh, and the Levellers followed. Between their proper recordings, Pooka co-wrote some tracks with electronic band Ultramarine for 1995's Bel Air. After some delay, Pooka's second album, Spinning, was released in September 1997 on Trade 2, a subsidiary of Island, and applied electronic textures to the duo's songwriting

- 1993-09-02 -

City Sick
The Car
Graham Robert Wood
Nothing In Particular
Rolling Stone
Between My Knees

- 1997-09-22 -

Mean Girl
God Sir
Rubber Arms
Sweet Butterfly
She Is A Rainbow
The Insect
This River

Fools Give Birth To Angels
- 2001-10-15 -

Music Is The Light
Spring Song
t Make Me Sweat
Yes Lad
Gypsy Rose Lee
Come Over And See My Side
Human Milk
One In A Million

- 2001-07-27 -

What You Need
One In A Million
Yellow Fever
Music Is The Light

Non Albums Tracks
- Misc -

Love Song

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City Sick

Should I reach for you
Do you want me to
Oh could I stretch my arms to your ...
Well I rest my head
On a blue moon
And I hope I'll be there soon
'Cause I must admit
I'm city sick
There is no place I'd rather be
But it's hurting me so
My heart says I should let go
I will stay always warm
Well it's so easy to be greedy
I have learnt
This before now
You can drink from me
You can eat from my body
I wouldn't want to pull away
'Cause I don't, I don't want
More than you can give
Take your time
Do as you please...

Graham Robert Wood

Graham Robert Wood is flying in the sky
You'd think that he'd need wings
But it's incredible, I have seen it with my own eyes
Graham Robert Wood is flying in the sky
You want to feel the sunshine
He moves the clouds to the perimeter
Makes me feel who I really am

You know how it feels
So take me I'm yours
Here for your taking

OK so I've opened my eyes
I see the world doesn't compromise
To everything people need
I've given my money to the children
But what more can I do about it

When Graham Robert Wood is flying in the sky
I too get the feeling I am high
And if anybody says,"When you gonna come down?!"
I'm gonna spit on them..and won't talk to them

Self indulgence did no one harm
So take me I'm yours here for your taking...

*** Thanx a lot to Mike who corrected some mistakes ***


I've been waiting over an hour, for just five minutes of yout time
And can I ask you just one question, oh am I hard to find
Can you see properly, in both eyes
Cause it seems to me, that, I must be transparent

Let yourself flow, theres more to be felt
So little that comes my way is real
Feel the breeze, alive, alive
Through the trees, floating, floating
No need to know the direction, of the flow, gently, gently
No push either way

When I was not looking, someone did the dirty on me
They sprinkled something, I don't know what, and now I am transparent...


Sweet Butterfly

Sweet butterfly, don't be afraid
It's only the wind come to break you from this,
Your silvery crystal case~it' only a few months since we've seen you
As soon as you dry you'll be over my head,
Flutter alongside a blue moon~lady crush the bird of time
Rise from the mud where ancient fishes wallow~sweet butterfly, don't pine on pain
Four days until you petal~don't wither away with the worry
Summertime I hear spring sing~you're so beautiful when you're happy
Pattern your way, land with your wings~upright delicate like two lovers balancing
Sweet heavenly velvet thing~in my gaze, see how my need comes to rape you
Kissing you is like pressing my face up against freedom...

Non Albums Tracks

Love Song

From under the skin, I send him rainbows in a dry sigh
If he holds me close, I hear it whispering
It falls upon my skin, the curtains trembling
I watch it rolling slowly down my aching breast
Tender as the night quivering in the sunlight
He has taken me in~silence shed it's seed
Furled upon the sheet, I barely know how to breathe
I watch it rolling slowly down my aching breast
His beauty blows under me~the sigh of a moulted feather has
Passed between our eyes, the word "forever"
It drops like a pin...

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