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  • ALELA DIANE : Her garden, In your voice, You, Blue swallows, The axe, Clothesline, Strong daughter, For tonight, Roy.

  • ALPHA : Scream Louder, Down, The way you are, Hope goes blind, Song to the Siren, Loving Nobody LP, Two phased people LP.

  • ANGELA McCLUSKEY : You Could Start A Fight In An Empty House LP, Lambeth Palace EP, The Roxy Sessions.

  • ANJALI : Sheer Witchery LP.

  • AQUALUNG : This Bewildering World.

  • ARCHIVE : Sun that I know.

  • ARID : Shine.

  • ARTEFACT : Addicted to Goodies LP.

  • BADLY DRAWN BOY : All The Trimmings, Big Brian Arrives, The Letter, This Electric, This Beautiful Idea.

  • BAXTER : Tell Me Like It Is LP

  • BELLERUCHE : The Duck.

  • BLUE FOUNDATION : Cutting me up, In My Mind I Am Free LP, Blood Moon LP.

  • BONOBO : Emkay, Sapphire, Don't wait, Know you, Figures.

  • CATHY DAVEY : The Pattern, Snitch, And Then I Eat It, My Old Man, Chrysocoma.

  • COCTEAU TWINS : Laughlines, Rococo, Ribbed and veined, Plain tiger,Great spangled fritillary, Pale clouded white, Eggs and their shells, Throughout the dark months of april and may, Whales tails, Little spacey, Feet-like fins, How to bring a blush to the snow, The thinner the air, High monkey monk, Circling girl, Flock of soul, An elan,Smile, Tranquil eye.

  • CORRINA REPP : Pattern the Cuts / Calm Ass Mofo, Life for the Dead, Another Shape, Release Me, Set Fire, Long Shadow (with PB), In the Dark, You're More Colorful, + Tu Fawning Lyrics.

  • DAY ONE : The Little Things, Saturday Siren, Now I'm Little Older, Money, Give It To Me (Feat. Will I Am), Travelcard Traveler, Probably Art, Time To Go, Intellectual Property LP.

  • DAYNA KURTZ : Not the Only Fool in Town, Your Fool Again, I Look Good in Bad, So Glad, One More Kiss, Same Time, Same Place, If You Won't Dance With Me, All I Ask Is Your Love, Go Ahead On, Lou Lou Knows.

  • DENISON WITMER : Monday at 2:30, Lift My Head Up From My Knees, Good Cry, Take What You Need, My Luck, My Love, I'm On My Way, Master Of Being Alone, Prayer Song, Say You'll Stick Around, Lawyers and White Paper, All The Days And Nights, I Love You April, Days Repeating, It Takes Time, Better Or Worse.

  • DJ KRUSH / DJ SHADOW : Missing lyrics.

  • DONNA REGINA : Missing lyrics.

  • DOT ALLISON : Allelujah, Tall Flowers.

  • EMILY WELLS : The Velvet Lounge, Violet Lies, Glamorous, Silver J, Otherwise, The Driveway Song, Million Color Diner, My Sky, Midori, Brass Knuckles, Excerpts From A Letter, Sugar, What Do We Have, Here, No Way I'm Going, Blood, One I Love, Fuck You, Blame, Conscious, London Bridges, All The Way In
    Music For Geek Love, Passing Over, Valentine, Broken Plymouth, House By The Sea, Blue Hole, Making Static, Warm, Johnny Cash's Mama's House.

  • ESPERS : I Can't See Clear, The Road Of Golden Dust, The Pearl, That Which Darkly Thrives, Sightings
    Meridian, Another Moon Song, Colony, Trollslanda.

  • FINLEY QUAYE : My Love, Weight in Gold, Sure, With Your Love, Point of Blue, I Think About You, Sharp, White Trash, All I Ever Wanted.

  • GRETCHEN PARLATO : Benny's Tune, On The Other Side.

  • GUS GUS : Sweet Smoke, When your lover's gone, Sustain, This is what you get when you mess with love.

  • HOLLY THROSBY : The Seasons, Drum Lesson, Shadow and Echo, Can I Do That Too, Hello Tiger, What Turns, See The World, Always Be Young.

  • HOPE SANDOVAL : Isn’t It True, I Took A Slip, Liquid Lady, That Spider, She's In the Wall.

  • JOSEPH ARTHUR : Visit Us, Days Of Surrender LP.

  • JULIE DOIRON : Cars & Trucks, By The Lake, Our Love, Where Are You, Beneath The Leaves, Last Night I Lay In Bed.

  • KATHRYN WILLIAMS : The Quickening LP, Presents... The Pond LP, Crown Electric LP, Hypoxia LP.

  • LEILA : Knew, Away, The exotics.

  • LINOLEUM : Cellophane, Tired.

  • MADITA : Too Dark, Runaway, My Liberty, Timeless, Kiss.

  • MATTHEW HERBERT : Missing lyrics, There's me and there's you KO, One One LP...

  • ME'SHELL NDEGEOCELLO : Lola, Mass Transit, Bright Shiny Morning, Blood On The Curb.

  • MOODORAMA : Dark Sun, Sneaky Fingertips, Impressions, For Shiva, I Think It's Weird Love, Ticket To Cairo, Nova Star, Summer's Ocean, Mind Traffic, My name is madness, Too late, Never Go, For A Little While, Say Goodbye To The Things You Love (slow).

  • MORCHEEBA : Whirlwind.

  • MUM : Nú snýr óttinn aftur, Sveitin milli sanda.


  • NITIN SAWHNEY : Missing lyrics not on the site.

  • NOE VENABLE : Blues Song/Burning Moth, Koltez' Girl, Jamie Goes Home, Paint Mine Blue, We Run, Out Waiting, Streets Of Fire, Giuliano, Left Behind, Slow Down, Paint Mine Blue, The Man With The Disease, 3 A.M. Call, Mr. Viper, Starboy Coming Soon, On Time.

  • NOSTALGIA 77 : Weapons of Jazz Destruction LP, Sessions Featuring Keith & Julie Tippett LP, A Journey Too far LP.


  • SALAD : Diary hell, I'm december, Julius, Kiss my love, Open, Plank.

  • SCHEER : First Contact, Face the Sun, 6 a.m., The One Forgot, The Healer, Idle Time, Mercy, Slowly
    Suffocate, Where Were You When the House Burnt Down, Secrets and Lies, Say the Word.

  • SMOKEY & MIHO : Nzage, Nana.

  • SECOND PERSON : I Spy, My Baby Only Cares For Me, Lucky Breaks, Shadow Of A Doubt, Giant Steps.

  • SHANNON WRIGHT : Father, Never Arrived, Strings On Epileptic Revival.

  • SIGUR ROS : Hrafntinna, Yfirborð, Bláþráður.

  • SMITH & MIGHTY : Bass is maternal LP.

  • SOPHIE HUNGER : Marketplace, Leaving Tehran, Before you say, Hello, Superman Woman, We Are The Living, Craze, The Capitalist.

  • SOULSTICE : In The Light LP.

  • SPAIN : All I Can Give, Falling.

  • STRIPMALL ARCHITECTURE : Suburban Reverb, We Are Not Cool, Unbreakable, Heartheart/Rhinebeck, Jetset Friends, Commuter, Autumn's Echo, The Glide Sublime.

  • SUSANNA & the Magical Orchestra : Wild is the will, Goodbye, Imagine, Freeze, Rolling on Rolling Stone, Oh, I Am Stuck, Starving Soul, Invitation, Wild Horse Wild Dog, There Is Nothing Funny About This, Her Eyes, Lonely Heart.

  • TANYA DONELLY : Silver in Your Palm, Mr. Swan, Send Me Your Next Nightmare, Wild Love, Storm, Blown Bird, In Your Name, Tooraloo.

  • TERRANOVA : Breathe, Out of my head, Mongril, Fun gallery, Equal rights, Hell, Goodbye the ferrari, Rhythm Without A Pause, When In Rome..., Kiss, Rockmongril, Running Away (KKDub), So Strong, Hotel Amour, Ain't No Thing, Take My Hand, Code Blue, Boogie For The Dollar, By My Side, Avenue Wagram, Prayer.

  • TRESPASSER WILLIAMS : Bells, Not, Blue.

  • TRICKY : The hawk is coming, Bang Boogie (feat. Smoky Mo), Hakim.

  • TRISTESSE CONTEMPORAINE : Dem Roc, Girls, Know My Name, Get What You Want, Everyday, It Doesn't Matter, Stop and Start, Ceremony.

  • TUNNG : Once, Trip Trap, Bloodlines, Follow Follow, Embers, Heavy Rock Warning.

  • UNKLE : Cut Me Loose, Blade In The Black, Chemical, Nocturnal, Cut Me Loose (String Reprise), Even Balance, Trouble In Paradise, Can't Hurt, 24 Frames, In A Broken Dream, Black Mass, Open Your Eyes, The Piano Echoes, Iter III: Keep On Runnin', Stole Enough, Arm's Length , Sonata, The Road, Iter V: Friend Or Foe, Sick Lullaby.

  • WALDECK : Gran Paradiso LP.

  • WALLIS BIRD : Traveling Bird, Berlin, Your daddy, Heartbeating city, Who's listening now.

  • WAX TAILOR : Where My Heart's At, Already Begun, More Songs, Sit & Listen, No, Past, Present & Future.

  • WENDY MCNEILL : Holding It In, Relax, Sometimes a Bad Day, Bad Old Bend, Bedtime, Sunny Afternoon,
    Phone Rings, Moon, For Real.

  • YOUN SUN NAH : Song For The People, Untitled, Lost Dream, Nostalgia, Dancing With You, My Bye, Inner Prayer, Forever, Inner Storm, Ghosts, Circum & Girum, The Past, News From The Gutter, So I Am
    Biladecha, Yom Yavo, Never Ending History.